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Services and Rates
  • Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Integrated Massage*
            • $45.00/30 minutes
            • $65.00/60 minutes
            • $90.00/90 minutes
            • $120.00/120 minute


  • Prenatal Massage*
            • $50.00/30 minutes
            • $75.00/60 minutes
        *Schedule your next appointment at the time of payment and receive $10.00 off your next massage.



  • Sports Massage
    • Pre-Event Sports Massage
      • Purpose is to prepare the athlete for high-intensity activity. A pre-event sports massage can provide many unique psychological benefits to the athlete. First, they may gain the confidence that any preceived muscle tissues are being corrected, leaving them to compete at their highest level. They may also believe that they are getting something that the other athletes are not receiving, and thus getting an edge-up on competition.
            • $30.00/session


    • Post-Event Sports Massage
      • The goal of the session is to flush the tissue of the lactic acid and other by-products of metabolism. The intent is to cool down the body and return it to homeostasis. Muscle tension, cramping, and inflammation are also addressed. Massage can reduce the recovery time after intense effort has been exerted.
            • $30.00/session


    • Maintenance Sports Massage
      • Sports maintenance massage allows athletes something they rarely get but desperately need--time to heal chronic injury under the fcused eye of the massage therapist. Unlike sports rehabilitation massage, maintenance massage both helps to prevent injury and treat chronic problems on holistic levels by looking at the entire body, the biomechanics, the posture and regular workout and training of the athlete to make correct, global changes that enhance performance.
            • $65.00/60 minutes


  • Four-Handed Massage
    • Double the relaxation and benefits of your massage with TWO therapists! This appointment MUST be made at least one week in advance.
            • $100.00/60 minutes
            • $150.00/90 minutes


  • Out-Call Massage
    • Out-call appointments that are outside the 5 mile radius of Woods Chiropractic will be subject to additional charges.
            • $80.00/60 minutes
            • $120.00/90 minutes
            • $150.00/120 minutes


  • Corporate Massage Event
    • A corporate massage event is an excellent way for a business or organization to treat their employees, members, or even their customers.  Chair massage or table massage is available for this type of booking. Inquire for details.



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